Converse used music to give back to its core demographic – the musicians


Converse used music to gain a deep connection between brand-lovers and music fans. It created a free recording studio ‘Rubber Tracks’, which was inspired by its CMO, Geoff Cottrill, whose deep passion for music has helped steer all things marketing at Converse. ‘Rubber Tracks’ is a community-based recording studio dedicated to help fledgling musicians jumpstart their careers.

Converse gave these musicians the platform they needed, positioning them at the centre of its marketing campaign. What makes this campaign even more powerful is that Converse identified these artists to not only be creative partners, but also to be the core consumers of the brand. By consistently acknowledging how musical talent deserves the brand’s support, Converse owned musicians as a loyal audience.

Through music, Converse was able to differentiate its brand identity from other shoe manufacturers. This is why this American footwear brand is globally popular and loved.


  • Facebook followers (37.6 million) compared to Adidas (21.8 million) and Nike (23.4 million).





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